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What is Green Economy and why it could be the best career choice now?

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Over the past decade, Green Economy has emerged as a strategic priority for many governments. This year, however, the topic gets much more interest, as materializing advancements in technology (such as ChatGPT an GPT4) create more fears about employment certainty among people worldwide. Let’s see why Green Economy should be a very relevant topic for people, whose career is endangered by advancements in AI and other technologies.

UN Environment Program (UNEP) defines Green Economy as low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive. This means that it uses clean energy sources, minimizes waste and pollution, manages natural resources wisely, and creates opportunities for all people to thrive.

Take off into a greener future

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How Governments promote Green Economies

There are many benefits Green Economy can help create. Among others, Green Economy could result in:
To transition to a Green Economy, countries need to adopt policies and strategies that support green investments, technologies, industries, and consumption patterns. They also need to reform existing policies and regulations that hinder or harm the environment and society.
Some of the initiatives highlighting the strategic focus of governments across the globe are:

Why now is the best time to gain Green Economy skills?

The idea of jobs becoming obsolete due to advancements in technology is not new. However, with the recent large-scale language models getting more attention and triggering a flood of work-supporting tools, more and more people start questioning if their job is secure.
Automation can produce a lot of efficiencies and when AI can perform some tasks better than humans, it’s a sound business decision to transfer part of the job responsibilities to machines. With this, many roles would become redundant, others will result in increased output of employees, both of which would require fewer employees to produce the same results.
Shifting to Green Economy, we can see that here new jobs are being created and with the government focus on promoting it, new regulations require new expertise from companies. Carbon neutrality, ESG Reporting, and Energy Efficiency are some of the areas requiring new skills. The demand for Green Economy talent is rising much faster, than the supply.
Because more jobs are available in Green Economy, than people ready to fill these jobs, the remuneration is usually quite attractive. Becoming skilled in Green Skills makes the door of new opportunities wide open to people ready to shift their careers. What’s more, working in Green Economy could be extremely satisfying, because of the positive impact on our Planet and contribution to a brighter future for the next generations.

How to get a job in Green Economy

If you are ready to give Green Economy jobs a try, you can start by exploring the opportunities and upskilling in the selected areas. On Skilledin Green Talent Marketplace you can find a growing list of job roles in the Green Economy that list all the required skills. You can see what green skills are required for the job role as well as what soft and other hard skills you would need.
After you select the target job role, you can start learning the required Green Skill to achieve the proficiency expected by your Career North Star. Having all the skills in place, you can create your Green CV and start applying to job openings for the role you selected, all in one place.
Join our community today and launch into a new world of opportunities in the Green Economy!

Take off into a greener future

Unleash your potential with the power of gamification on a mission to the Green Economy. Join our Talent Marketplace and launch into a new world of possibilities.

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