80% of results come from 20% of activities. 

Understand how your people spend time with Time Reports

Help your people stop wasting time on non-value added activities. See the breakdown of tasks based on either how they contribute to Key Results or what skills your people use while performing the tasks. Use these insights during guided conversations, where the learnings and next steps can be well documented and referenced later.

80% of results come from 20% of activities.
Imagine what results can you have spending more time on the latter?

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If there's no progress on your goals, you are clearly working on the wrong things

It all starts with diligence of how your people approach their work. Documenting where they spend time gives you a peace of mind, when you know what they do, and them – due recognition, so that no effort goes unnoticed.

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Use tasks and Time Reports to analyse and accelerate Sales

Tasks and Time reports could be applied to use specifically for Sales Teams in a different format. To learn how to take advantage of this, book a demo and add “Sales Taskforce” in the notes section.

How to spot time-wasters

Time reports are available for Tasks feature. Tasks can be linked to Key Results for the current period. Ideally, you link all of your tasks to Key Results you want to progress.

When you look at your time report, you can break down time spent based on KRs the tasks are assigned to. If you see a lot of task are unassigned – and this given you were diligent with tagging the tasks – that’s where you can find non value-added activities. Discuss with the manager to delegate those or simply shift your focus to work on things that matter.