the process that works with you, not against you

360+ Performance Review

Performance Review customization allows your HR to set Performance Review in any way they like. You could do it traditionally, or in 360 way. You can even have Reverse Review in the same form, when subordinates evaluate the manager. And it’s based on your company culture that you can choose whether managers will see this review or not.

Performance management is not about the appraisal,
but about ensuring the great results

big tools for small companies

No more tedious and boring reviews

Nobody loves performance reviews. Unless those are filled with meaningful feedback and are really pleasant to do!

Loved by HR for insane customisations and simple set up

Imagine the best combination of simplicity and functionality. No, we are not talking about Apple. This could be the feel about your next performance appraisal with Skilledin

Minimising assessment bias by managers

The effect of recency makes you only remember the recent performance of your people. You may easily forget that most of the time they were doing amazing, except for the last 3 weeks before the appraisal. With us – this no longer will cloud your judgement! 

Welcome the continuous performance

If you heard about continuous performance, you know that companies that use it achieve better results. Usually, it’s done with OKRs and CFRs and the Performance Review is not considered necessary. 

We, however, discovered an efficient way to combine both so that you improve your results even further. This allows you to reap the double benefit of the Talent Management solution, achieving not only better results, but improving motivation, retention, and the quality of your People decisions. 

okr tracking for startup managers