Align team goals to strategic goals

OKRs for Startups

Cascading OKRs show how each person’s or team’s goals eventually contribute to the strategic goal of your company. This helps to align all of your people to work for the common goals. This clarity is very motivational for the teams, as they understand what is their role in the company’s success.

Set the right goals to grow.
Set the goals right to scale up.

big tools for small companies

For managers to nurture high-performers

Manager dashboard is a unified place for Managers to see team analytics in the most intuitive way. OKRs are only one part of it.

okr tracking for startup managers
Startup Team OKRs

For individuals to drive company results

Simplicity of Skilledin platform encourages better goal setting, team communication and adds a layer of motivation with transparent OKR views.

OKR customization

Customise OKR settings the way you need

Objectives and Key Results work best when they reflect your company’s culture and circumstances. We provide a range of customisations to make them fit best your work environment.  

From the big picture to executable steps

Objectives are aspirational goals, while Key Results are quantifiable ways to achieve them. But even when you use shorter time-frame (let’s say a quarter instead of a year), KRs could still take time to achieve. 

To keep your team motivated with more immediate achievements, we came up with an idea of splitting KRs into smaller, more immediate steps called tasks. These could further help find inefficiencies in daily activities through time reports, so that you and your team focus on value-added activities more.

Tasks is one of our most popular feature. Make sure to explore use-cases of how they could help best in specific scenarios.