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Job Roles Galaxy

Explore Green Economy Job Profiles, including typical responsibilities, required green skills (with proficiency level), and other requirements. Set your Career Goal and start learning missing skills.

Green Skills Galaxy

Get an overview of most in-demand green skills, what the skill application means, and learning objectives for 5 proficiency levels. Selected skills will also have included learning materials, tests, and case studies.

Build Green CV

Create shareable Green CV, complemented with your newly acquired Green Skills showcase, based on proficiency levels of the skills when you pass the tests on the platform. 

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Discover companies that hire in Green Economy sector or for greening jobs. Apply with your Green CV and land a job of your dreams. 


Interact with people who have similar interests, learn from those who already work in Green Economy, and find support with your questions.

Game On

Enjoy space-themed gamification to keep motivated and engaged as you take steps towards Green Economy Universe.  

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Why Green Economy is the best Career Move


Job security

With climate change and other environmental concerns becoming more urgent, the demand for green jobs is only going to increase. 


Competitive salaries

Many green jobs offer competitive salaries and benefits, making them an attractive option for those looking to build a financially stable career.


A sense of purpose

The green economy is focused on sustainability and environmental protection, so you can feel good about the work you’re doing every day.

New job opportunities in Green Economy worldwide by 2030
US$ 0 trillion
Decarbonization market opportunity in South-east Asia alone
0 %
CAGR of global green technology market

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We use the secure signup and store your data with Azure AD B2C, with only authorized personnel having limited access to the information you share. We do not share your data with 3rd parties for marketing purposes and apply extra cybersecurity measures. You can also control visibility of your Personal Identifiable Information in green CV, such as name and contact details. 

We haven’t finalized the final pricing, but it will be affordable to most pockets in our launch markets. Comparing to other options on the market for similar benefits, you can expect to pay over 50% less.

A premium subscription allows you to access skill learning on higher levels. Basic level (1 out of 5) is free forever. Without accessing higher level learnings, you wounldn’t unlock features such as green CV or apply for jobs.

The beta version gives you full access to all premium features, so it’s worth to join our waitlist. 

You sign up, set your career goal in green economy and start learning the skills required to get there. As you also progress through the levels of gamification, you unlock more platform features, such as Green CV, apply for jobs and more.

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