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The Manager Dashboard gives a birds-eye view on the Team’s indicators in one place. This helps managers to make people decisions faster – to see who’s underperforming, whose potential is under-utilised and what’s the recent performance rating of each person. Goals at risk could also be easily spotted and the conversation to discuss those with the owner can be initiated from the same place.​

manager's dashboard

From managing performance
to nurturing results

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Smarter people decisions lead to outstanding company results

Instead of spending hours compiling everyone’s performance information, managers can see all relevant details in one place. This allows to choose the best leadership approach for each person – who needs a little extra coaching, and whose potential would be better utilised in a more challenging role.

Performance / Potential Matrix

Take the Nine Box to the next level when reviewing your Talents or planning succession. Don’t limit yourself to do this exercise only once a year – see how the matrix changes dynamically without any extra action.

okr tracking for startup managers

Motivate.​ Monitor. Manage.

Pulse check of the entire team progress

360+ Performance Review customisation

Skilledin allows HR to create a really customizable and insightful 360+ reviews for the organization. We take the customisation even further, allowing managers for selected reviewer modifications.

Managers have a degree of control, whether Review Feedback of some groups will be visible to the employee. For example, if HR set Reverse Review feedback to be visible to employees who receive it, but a manager find that for the selected person it would be better to hide this feedback – they can do it easily during Performance Review initiation process by the manager.

Add or remove Reviewers in the Reviewer Groups

Dotted-line Manager – direct manager can remove dotted line manager from the Performance Review

Peers – by default, the reviewers in this group will be all the teammates of the evaluated employee. Direct Manager, however, can remove specific teammates if only a few reviews are required. Sometimes, the evaluated employee may be working closer with people from other teams – so they would be better positioned to provide Peer feedback. For this reason, managers can select anyone in the organization to the the Peer reviewer. 

Reverse Feedback – if the evaluated team member has a team of their own, their direct manager can select one or all team members to provide the feedback.