our massive transformative purpose is

To create a better future for generations by realizing human potential now

Skilledin is a people-centric HR solution that helps organisations nurture, manage and retain top talent. 

We believe that people are the heart of every organisation and that by investing in your people, you invest in your company’s future. We are on a mission to help companies better invest in their people, and create a more engaged and productive workforce. By giving organisations the tools and insights they need to manage their talent, we are set to make a lasting impact on the future of work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies transform into human-centric and planet-focused workplaces.

Driven by values

Radical Transparency

We aspire to break silos and unleash the power of cross-departmental transparency.

UX as a Culture

We were born as a high UX Maturity organization. Each decision we make relies heavily on user-needs research to solve the most pressing problems.

Life-long Innovation

We promote life-long learning for others by being life-long innovators ourselves.

Let's step into the Future of Work together!


The Team

The core problem-solvers

Company Milestones

The beginnings

The founder dedicated first years of the company to researching the widening gap between job market demand for skills and its supply by fresh graduates. During this time, over 200 youth across the globe were mentored for skills they miss the most to be successful in the workplace. The founder has also identified that the companies are better positioned as the problem-solvers to ensure their workforce has relevant skills and attitude for the company to succeed. 

The only Singapore startup graduated from Founders Institute SEA 22

Over 90 Soth-East Asian startups were selected to participate in this FI cohort. Only 15 made it to the finish line 3.5 months later. Skilledin was not only one of the startups that made it till the end, we were also the only Singapore graduate. 

Founders Hub

Skilledin joins Microsoft's partners network as a growth-stage startup and receives generous support with Azure Cloud, remote work tools and other benefits helping company grow.

Beta Release

First Skilledin web-app release is on its way. We collected preliminary interest from startups across 3 countries to run a pilot with our Beta version.