Skills-based Talent Management platform

Power up with AI and market insights to make fast-evolving skills your company’s competitive advantage, not a threat. 

Early access benefits:

All you need for Talent Development.

Skilledin is an indispensable tool for forward-looking organizations, which understand that the company is only as strong and innovative, as are its people. 

Our intuitive interface ensures fast tool adoption, while pre-populated elements, such as Function, Families, Career levels, Competencies and Skills ensure quick start for Human Resource department. 

Make fast-evolving skills your company's competitive advantage, not a threat

Technological progress requires employees to keep on learning new skills, just to stay relevant in their current roles. 

With Skilledin, you can make this process fun and streamlined, and ensure that your company always is one step ahead of the curve.

With our Market Intelligence data and AI tools you’ll keep your Job Catalog up-to-date, while employees well-informed and empowered to upskill in real-time.