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9 out of 10 startups fail. We want you to be the one to succeed.

According to Investopedia, ways to avoid failure as a startup include setting goals, accurate research, loving what you are doing and not quitting. 

Well, if you’ve got what it takes, for the goals we’ve got your back.

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Scale up

Align team goals to strategic goals with OKRs

Cascading OKRs show how each person's or team's goals eventually contribute to the strategic goal of your company. This helps to align all of your people to work for the common goals. This clarity is very motivational for the teams, as they understand what is their role in the company's success.

360 Performance and Reverse Review for Managers

Performance Review customization allows your HR to set Performance Review in any way they like. You could do it traditionally, or in 360 way. You can even have Reverse Review in the same form, when subordinates evaluate the manager. And it's based on your company culture that you can choose whether managers will see this review or not.

Reduce time wasting with Time Reports

Help your people stop wasting time on non-value added activities. See the breakdown of tasks based on either how they contribute to Key Results or what skills your people use while performing the tasks. Use these insights during guided conversations, where the learnings and next steps can be well documented and referenced later.

Engage team with structured Conversations

Use our structured conversations with steps to focus the discussion about what matters. While how you conduct the conversations is up to you, we help you to Prepare for the conversation with a little reflection on achievements and challenges. We also help to keep conversations focused around OKRs or specific tasks, by linking them directly into conversation steps.

Empower Managers to lead better

The Manager Dashboard gives a birds-eye view on the Team's indicators in one place. This helps managers to make people decisions faster - to see who's underperforming, whose potential is under-utilised and what's the recent performance rating of each person. Goals at risk could also be easily spotted and the conversation to discuss those with the owner can be initiated from the same place.

Enable HR to groom talents into high performers

When your company starts growing, you probably need to consider HR Business Partner approach and assign each HRBP just a few selected teams to support. We make the transition to this model a breeze and empower your HR with just the right workforce analytics.

What's more, with the customised performance reviews, some of the answers can go directly to HR and not be visible to others. Your HR can take advantage of this to provide safe space for teams to report alarming behaviours as well as acknowledge people needing (but not receiving) due recognition.

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Help people focus on what they do best - delivering great results.

Make informed people decision – who needs extra coaching or support and who could utilise their full potential better in a new role.

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