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Go interstellar with your Career Goals by building your galaxy of in-demand Green Economy skills on our gamified platform and get hired with your brand-new Green CV.

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If you are considering Green Economy as your next career move, or want to find an employer whose ethics align with yours, you just arrived at the right place! 

Explore what you can achieve on Skilledin Green platform by hovering over red hotspots. 

Browse Job Roles Galaxy to select your target job role.

Follow your progress towards Job Greenification, by learning the relevant green skills, just up to the required level. 

Learn relevant green skills in a fun way!

Get the skill levels required for your selected job from the Jobs Galaxy and monitor how your knowledge grows.

Game on while upskilling!

Space-themed platform gamification adds fun and streamlines your learning and job hunting journey (psst... Lunar Landing is one of the badges you'll earn on Orbit 4 by getting hired via platform)

Build a beautiful Green CV directly on the platform and use it to apply for jobs (or even share with selected recruiters).

The best part? Green Skills are updated automatically in your CV, so you don't need to waste time after you get new skills!

See how you fare against other users on the same orbit, in your country or globally!

This is just a sneak peek of our Community feature, with more fun activities to come! 

Put your new skills to work (no put intended) to get a better salary. Apply right on the platform! 

Get recommendations based on your Career Goal (the one you are greenifying) or browse all available jobs if you changed your mind! 

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